We work with individuals, teams and organisations to help them unlock potential and play a bigger game, in order to raise performance and deliver outstanding value.  We do this by educating and energising leaders and embedding effective processes to make this a habit.

We have combined the best of lean and operational excellence principles with advances in leadership development to produce an operating model and coaching methodology that works in all sectors.


Rare air is often referred to the air that is breathed by extraordinary individuals at the top of their game.  Think Muhammad Ali or Michael Jordan, Picasso, Beethoven, Richard Branson or Elon Musk.  

What all these legends have in common is their endless pursuit of mastery towards their craft. They built their careers by executing excellence (“doing something of outstanding value”).

According to Anders Ecrisson (1993) to reach this level of excellence you have to put in 10,000 hours of deliberate practice.  This figure is an average and doesn’t take into account natural talent (Malcolm Gladwell, 2008) however the concept, of doing something of value, embedding a habit, to execute excellence everyday is what is behind the Rare Air Concept. A concept that transforms, the good to the great, to the excellent.



Our five points of excellence model provides the structure and process for successful implementation of the Rare Air Concept throughout an organisation.  This operating model improves both people and process to realise potential in order to address the future. 



To achieve a breakthrough in performance it requires you to look at your thinking and see the truths of your behaviour that leads to your current actions.  A change in both mindset and behaviour is often the way to get the results you desire. Our process takes you through the leadership journey to make new ways of being - habitual.


The hard truths: The Good, the bad and the damn right ugly!

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Change mindset & behaviour in action!

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Make the new ways a habit!